NBA Shot Chart: Toronto Raptors Leading Shooters, 1996-2021

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From struggles to excitement to struggles to rebuilding and ultimately a Championship. Canada’s only NBA team has given fans a lot to talk about since the Raptors were founded in 1995. Vince Carter, an NBA legend and all-star, put the team on the map. Chris Bosh continued the legacy. It was Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan who, with the help of Kawhi Leonard, brought Toronto the championship in 2019.

Four shot charts show the best scorers in Toronto Raptors history. I visualize the most field goals made in total since 1996, the most field goals made in a single season, the most efficient, and most shots made in the 2019 Championship season.

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Most field goals made by zone, Toronto Raptors 1996-2021

Well, some great symmetry here and not much of a surprise. DeMar DeRozan is a Toronto legend and owns all six midrange and paint zones! Morris Peterson is the first person Raptors fans think about when hearing the words “corner 3”. Kyle Lowry leads the other three 3-pt zones.

Most field goals made by zone, Toronto Raptors 2018-19

The 2018-19 Raptors were truly an awesome and exciting team. Pascal Siakam dominated the paint and also led the left corner 3 zone. Danny Green was super efficient from the right wing and right corner 3 zone, and had a great percentage with good volume of shots made.

Kyle Lowry led the other two 3-pt zones. Serge Ibaka owned two midrange zones. My man Kawhi Leonard led three midrange zones, including both baselines.

Most field goals made by zone in a single season, Toronto Raptors 1996-2021

VINCE CARTER flying in from the baseline and he leads in two zones thanks to his awesome 1999-2000 season! The left corner takes us even further back to 1996-97 where Damon Stoudamire put up great numbers. Charles Oakley is the third old schooler and he owns the right elbow since his 2000-01 season with the Raptors.

Morris Peterson tops the right corner 3 since 2006.We then have Kyle Lowry leading two 3-pt zones, DeMar DeRozan leading the top of the key, and Fred VanVleet leading the right wing 3, a record he broke just this season.

Special mention of the 2019 seasons of Danny Green and Pascal Siakam, which gave them the lead in the right corner 3 and paint zones respectively.

Most efficient shooters by zone, Toronto Raptors 1996-2021

Marc Gasol – the most efficient 3-pt Raptors shooter from the straight up 3 zone with 45%! Matt Bonner leads two zones, and then we have Ibaka, Calderon, Anthony Parker, and Jason Kapono. The paint leader is Rasho Nesterovic with 64%!

Danny Green from the right side was definitely not a surprise here. 53% from the right corner 3 – very impressive!

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