NBA Shot Chart: New Jersey and Brooklyn Nets Leading Shooters, 1996-2021

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The list of good Nets players is quite long: Julius Erving, Drazen Petrovic, Derrick Coleman to name a few. Over the past 25 years though, the ups and downs have been huge. From the NBA Finals to disappointments, relocating to Brooklyn, missing out due to injuries, terrible mismanagement, this team has had it all. Except an NBA title.

Four shot charts make up this post. I visualize the most field goals made in total since 1996, the most field goals made in a single season, the most efficient, and most shots made in the two seasons the Nets made the Finals (2002 & 2003). Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

Shout out to The NBA Storyteller who helped me with some Nets history lessons.

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Most field goals made by zone, New Jersey and Brooklyn Nets 1996-2021

Jason Kidd from the wings and right elbow – not a surprise. Joe Harris from up top and the right corner – not much of a surprise either. Brook Lopez from the paint and right baseline – not surprising either. It’s great to see Kerry Kittles, Richard Jefferson, Kendall Gill, and Joe Johnson be here as a big part of Nets history.

Most field goals made by zone, New Jersey Nets 2001-2003

The New Jersey Nets made back-to-back NBA Finals appearances in 2002 and 2003. Led by Jason Kidd, the Nets in the early ’00s were definitely a team to watch. They were the Eastern Conference’s best shot at winning back a ring since Jordan’s 1998 retirement. With a squad containing great solid players like Kerry Kittles, Kenyon Martin, Keith Van Horn, Richard Jefferson, Dikembe Mutombo, Jason Collins, and Luscious Harris, the Nets had a great opportunity to win the Championship.

Most field goals made by zone in a single season, New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets 1996-2021

Joe Harris in 2021 – I didn’t expect that with Kyrie, Harden, and KD being the primary scoring options on the team. D’Angelo Russell from 3 in 2019 also made the chart. Joe Johnson and Bobby Simmons lead from the corner 3 spots.

I like how Sam Cassell‘s 1998 season and Kendall Gill in 1997 lead the mid-range zones. Jason Kidd was amazing in 2002 and made 48 shots from the right elbow. Shout out to Brook Lopez who made the chart in two zones thanks to his 2011 season.

Most efficient shooters by zone, New Jersey and Brooklyn Nets 1996-2021

DeAndre Jordan made 72% of his field goal attempts in the paint – WOW! Great efficiency over 50% from D’Angelo Russell, Jarvis Hayes, and Jarrett Jack from mid-range. Joe Harris leads two 3-point spots, the left wing and corner. Vince Carter shot 48% from the right corner in his five seasons at New Jersey.

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