NBA Shot Chart: Chicago Bulls Leading Shooters, 1996-2021

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The Chicago Bulls are one of the most recognizable sports teams in the whole world. They are the main reason the NBA met such success in the 90s, with the 6 championships won by Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and coach Phil Jackson leaving a legacy that may never be matched. The dynasty came to an abrupt end after the 1998 championship.

Besides a few great moments with Derrick Rose in the early 2010s, the Bulls have struggled to show any promising features that resemble the greatness they once were. Bulls fans still stick around and this season’s team may bring Chicago some great moments.

Three shot charts with the most field goals made in total, most field goals made in a single season, and the most efficient scorers are visualized below to tell us some Chicago Bulls history.

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Most field goals made by zone, 1996-2021

Kirk Hinrich spent 11 years in total with the Bulls, seven at the start of his career and four after short stints with the Washington Wizards and the Atlanta Hawks. He’s the Bulls’ all-time leading 3-point scorer. Over the past 25 years, he leads the Bulls in five zones: three zones beyond the arc and two from mid-range.

Ben Gordon spent four seasons at Chicago and leads the left corner 3 and the left wing 3. He was quite efficient as well, with 42% and 44% respectively. Luol Deng played for the Bulls for 10 seasons and leads in three zones: the paint, the right baseline, and the left elbow.

What really stands out here is the GOAT Michael Jordan. His last two seasons with the Bulls puts him in the lead from the right baseline. He made 47% of the 844 shots he made. I repeat – in just two seasons. Simply amazing!

Most field goals made in a single season by zone, 1996-2021

The GOAT Michael Jordan and his 1997 season stands out here. I don’t think anyone is surprised here! 50% from each of the three zones he leads, and usually with multiple defenders hanging on to him – just wow. Derrick Rose leads the left elbow following his awesome 2010 season.

Elton Brand leads the paint since 2000 with 500 buckets made in the regular season. This kind of shows how much the Bulls have been missing a dominant center. Pau Gasol won the top of the key leading position with his 2016 season.

From 3-point range, Ben Gordon‘s 2006 season leads the right wing and Justin Holiday‘s 2018 season leads the right corner 3. Thad Young had a great 2020 season and made the chart, claiming the left corner 3.

Bulls fans know this already but I want to state the obvious. Zach LaVine is truly a great scorer and alongside DeMar DeRozan and Nikola Vucevic this season’s Bulls are very promising. Lavine leads the Bulls in two 3-pt zones following his 2020 and 2021 seasons. Let’s see how he performs this season!

Most efficient field goal shooters zone, 1996-2021

Zach Lavine is 51% from the left corner 3! Let’s see if the addition of DeRozan will allow him to take more shots from that spot.

A few other great names made this chart, some taking us years back. Cristiano Felicio leads the paint with 61%, Pau Gasol leads from his favorite mid-range spots with over 50% efficiency. Steve Kerr leads one zone, and it’s not from beyond the arc: it’s his 56% efficiency from the right post! Othella Harrington leads the left post with 51%. Andres Nocioni leads the left elbow with 49%.

Jimmy Butler was 44% from the right corner 3 as a Bull. Jalen Rose made the chart with 45% from the right wing. Jamal Crawford is the leader from the straight up 3 with 39%. Doug McDermott made the chart thanks to his 44% efficiency from the left wing.

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