EURO 2020 Series: The Statistical Breakdown of Full Backs

Reading Time: 10 minutes Moving forward to our second article of the EURO 2020 series, we present to you the statistical breakdown of full backs. As I have already written in the introduction these articles do not aim to analyse every aspect of the game and cannot possibly include an analysis of every different role and style of play of individual positions. Therefore, full-backs, wing backs, and complete wing backs will feature the present article.

EURO 2020 Introduction to the Statistical Breakdown of Every Position

Reading Time: 3 minutes Some days after I watched the EURO 2020 Final, I was contemplating what should be our farewell to the competition. I had already decided that I was not interested in writing an analysis of the Final and instead I believed that it would be more interesting to focus on the best performers. After a discussion with Bill, the idea of a series of articles focused on the players’ statistical breakdown was born.

UEFA EURO 2020 Group E: Matchday 2 Review & Matchday 3 Outlook – Spain, Sweden, Poland, and Slovakia Battle It Out

Reading Time: 4 minutes Spain absolutely needs a win against Slovakia. The Spaniards are strong favorites, with 80% chances of winning. Slovakia will work hard to at least get a draw that would see them qualify to the round of 16. Poland and Sweden have similar chances of winning, with the Central European team having a slight edge. With a draw, the Scandinavians would clinch at least 2nd place and may even finish 1st if the other group match ends as a tie too.