EuroLeague Shot Chart: Anadolu Efes Leading Shooters, 2007-2021

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Turkish basketball giants Anadolu Efes have been dominating Europe over the past few years. The team won their first EuroLeague title in 2021, would have definitely won the 2020 Final Four if COVID-19 didn’t have other plans, and made it to the final in 2019.

With 38 domestic titles, the Istanbul-based team is the most successful basketball team in Turkey. What’s even more interesting, for European standards, is that the club has no soccer team – the fans are purely basketball fans.

I feel quite emotional right now as this post marks the centennial Instagram post. My first post on Instagram was about Anadolu Efes star and 2021 EuroLeague MVP Vasilije Micić back in late May 2021. As my favorite active EuroLeague player, Micić‘ performance inspired me to look into his stats and actually publish the results. Since then, there have been 90 blog posts with over 20,000 visitors, over 1,200 Instagram followers, a Reddit Karma of almost 3,000, and most importantly virtually met some great, interesting, and fun sports fans from all across the world!

Three shot charts show the best Anadolu Efes scorers since 2007. I visualize the most field goals made in total, the most field goals made in a single season, and the most efficient scorers.

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Most field goals made by zone, Anadolu Efes 2007-21

What a beautiful chart. It would have been symmetrical if not for the zones in the post.

Shane Larkin is pretty much the main reason behind the success behind Anadolu Efes over the past few years. The former NBAer leads three 3-point zones and he does it with great efficiency too. 50% scored from the left wing – are you kidding me?!

Rodrigue Beaubois leads the two corner 3 zones. The 2011 NBA champion has achieved this feat in three seasons at Istanbul. What really stands out here is the incredible 70% from the right corner. WOW!

2021 MVP Vasilije Micic leads the zone at the top of the key. The frenchman Thomas Huertel, who was at Efes from 2014-2017, leads the two midrange elbows.

Derrick Brown owns the right post and Krunoslav Simon owns the left post. Bryant Dunston is the leader from the paint. He’s attempted over 1,000 shots from the zone in his six seasons at Anadolu, making 656 of those attempts. What a beast!

Most field goals made by zone in a single season, Anadolu Efes 2007-21

Anadolu Efes have been the best European team over the past two years – no doubt about it. This shot chart kinda shows why.

The 2019-20 EuroLeague season was cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even so, during that season Shane Larkin managed to win over two 3-point zones, Beaubois took the left corner 3, and Tibor Pleiss earned the top of the key.

Shane Larkin’s 2020-21 season is the best from the right wing. Rodrigue Beaoubois earned the lead for the right corner 3 in 2020-21 with an impressive 14/18 from the zone.

Most importantly, though, have a look at the MVP Micic and his performance from the paint. 194 field goals made from EuroLeague’s best player – what a feat!

Errick McCollum in 2017 won the right elbow and Derrick Brown won the left elbow. Andre Hutson takes us years back, as his 2007 performances give him both post zones. Awesome!

Most efficient shooters by zone, Anadolu Efes 2007-21

Rodrigue Beaubois leads the right corner 3 with 70% – no surprise at all. Krunoslav Simon owns the opposite 3-pt corner. What a deadly combination Efes have!

Tibor Pleiss, currently entering his 4th season at Efes, leads the top of the key and left elbow with 61% from each of the spots. Old-timer Andre Hutson has been the most efficient shooter from the left post and his record is standing for 13 years.

A few new faces turned up on this chart as well.

The most impressive is Kenny Gregory and his 60% from the straight up 3 and 59% from the right wing. Brandon Paul has 51% from the left wing.

Jayson Granger was a great midrange shooter at Efes and he owns the right elbow. Dusko Savanovic owns the right post with the incredible 74%. Last, with 73%, we see Sertac Sanli lead the paint.

I really hope you enjoyed the Anadolu Efes part of the EuroLeague top shooters series. Was there anything that surprised you? Let me know in the comments! Also, don’t forget to follow us on our social media accounts below.

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