EuroLeague Shot Charts: Panathinaikos Leading Shooters, 2007-2021

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Ah, Panathinaikos, the emperor of European basketball. The King Zelico Obradovic was the greens’ coach from 1999-2012, a period in which the team won five of their six EuroLeague titles.

Some of the best basketball players have starred for Panathinaikos, such as Nikos Galis, Panagiotis Giannakis, Antonio Davis, Dominique Wilkins, Stojan Vrankovic, Fragiskos Alvertis, Dino Radja, Dejan Bodiroga, Sarunas Jasikevicius, Nick Calathes, and last but not least the legend Dimitris Diamantidis.

As a big Panathinaikos fan, this is the first of the EuroLeague leading scorers by zone series. I had fun with the NBA shot chart series, which you can check out here.

Three shot charts show the best scorers in Panathinaikos recent history. Shot location data in the EuroLeague is only freely available since 2007. I visualize the most field goals made in total since 2007, the most field goals made in a single season, and the most efficient shooters.

Most field goals made by zone, Panathinaikos 2007-2021

Dimitris Diamantidis is a name that comes up in almost every discussion about Panathinaikos. Nine of his 12 seasons with Panathinaikos are displayed in the chart below. With over 300 pointers made from 2007 to 2016, 3-D leads the team in four 3-pt zones! His 55% efficiency from the right corner 3 spot is impressive, as is his efficiency in the other zones. What a legend!

Current Barcelona coach Saras Jasikevicius leads two midrange zones, the left elbow and the top of they key, and it only took him four seasons to achieve the feat. Mike Batiste leads the two baseline areas, with his numbers in the six seasons this shot chart contains being quite impressive! Jonas Maciulis leads the left corner 3.

I saved Nick Calathes for last. In his eight seasons in Athens, he leads two zones: the right corner and impressively the paint! 2 baskets shy of 1000 field goals and 55% from the paint is quite amazing for a point guard.

Most field goals made by zone in a single season, Panathinaikos 2007-2021

The 2007-08 team was one of Panathinaikos’ best teams ever. The season came right after the 2007 EuroLeague title and right before the 2009 title. Despite having a 12-2 EuroLeague regular season record, the team couldn’t make it far in the tournament.

Interestingly enough, though, the 2007-08 season gave us six of the best scoring performances by zone! Dimitris Diamantidis made 39% of his 105 shots from the straight up 3. Nikos Hatzivrettas was deadly from the left corner 3. Center Mike Batiste was a beast from the paint, setting the record from his favorite area. Most importantly, in his first season with Panathinaikos, Saras Jasikevicius created the record for the right baseline, right elbow, and top of the key.

Jonas Maciulis set the left baseline record in 2012. Mike Bramos set the right corner 3 record in 2013. In 2016, KC Rivers set the record for the most 3-pointers made in a season from the wings. Last, Keith Langford is the last person to break a season record and he did so in 2018 from the left elbow.

Most efficient shooters by zone, Panathinaikos 2007-2021

Sarunas Jasikevicius stars here AGAIN! His efficiency from the left elbow and top of the key is Panathinaikos’ best since 2007. Mike Batiste also leads two zones in efficiency, the right elbow and right baseline. Jonas Maciulis leads the left baseline. Down in the paint, it’s “Batman” Antonis Fotsis who leads in fg%.

Going to the 3-point zones, Nikos Hatzivrettas’ 68% from the left corner 3 stands out the most. Mike Bramos leads the right corner 3. Marcus Denmon owns the left wing and Lukas “Skywalker” Lekavicius leads the right wing. At the straight up 3 zone we find Chris Singleton.

I really hope you enjoyed the Panathinaikos part of the EuroLeague top shooters by zone series. Was there anything that surprised you? Let me know in the comments! Also, don’t forget to follow us on our social media accounts below.

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