NBA Shot Chart: Phoenix Suns Leading Shooters, 1996-2021

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The Phoenix Suns were really exciting to watch this past season. They reached the NBA Finals with style, playing great basketball thanks to a solid core. I actually published quite a few analyses about them:

Four shot charts with the most field goals made in total, most field goals made in a single season, the most efficient scorers, and the most buckets made in 2020-21 regular season are visualized below to tell us some Phoenix Suns history.

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Most field goals made by zone, 1996-2021

Steve Nash – my favorite Suns player! Five zones for the man.

Shawn Marion is engraved in Suns history and his baseline jumper and corner 3 puts him on the chart, leading 3 zones. Raja Bell leads the left corner.

Amar’e Stoudemire was the paint dominator. The Nash-Stoudemire pair is up high on the list of the best pick-and-roll duos of all time.

Devin Booker has been brave enough to take shots from the straight-up 3. Despite the low efficiency, he leads in volume.

Most field goals made in a single season by zone, 1996-2021

My man Chris Paul brought the mid-range game back to life in 2021 and he leads the top of the key zone! Booker’s 2018 season granted him the straight up 3 spot on the chart.

For the nine other zones, we go back a long way to find the leaders.

Quentin Richardson has a really impressive season in 2005 and leads the wings. Amar’e’s 2005 season puts him on the chart as the leader of most buckets scored in the paint. 2005 was the season Joe Johnson scored the most 3-pointers from the right corner.

Boris Diaw leads the left elbow thanks to his 2006 season and Raja Bell was over 50% in 2007 from the left corner.

Going further back, we see Shawn Marion and his awesome baseline plays in 2001 and 2002. Last, kudos to Kevin Johnson and his performance from the right elbow that still stands since 1997!

Most efficient field goal shooters zone, 1996-2021

It looks like Steve Nash wasn’t just great in volume, but in efficiency too. He leads four zones, including 43% from the left wing.

Some other interesting names made the chart: Troy Daniels, Gerald Green, Raja Bell, and Joe Johnson lead the 3-point zones in efficiency.

Luc Longley leads the top of the key and Boris Diaw the left elbow.

Shout out to Deandre Ayton who shows how dominant he is as an attacker in the paint!

Leading scorers by zone, Phoenix Suns 2020-2021

What a solid team. Really excited to see what’s to come next season!

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