NBA Shot Chart: Seattle SuperSonics and Oklahoma City Thunder Leading Shooters, 1996-2021

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From Seattle to Oklahoma City, the franchise has had some of the best players in NBA history star for the SuperSonics and Thunder. I grew up trying to imitate Gary Payton‘s moves and loved his partnering with Shawn Kemp. In the more recent years, the Westbrook-Harden-Durant-Ibaka-Perkins team was just crazy to witness.

Four shot charts make up this post. I visualize the most field goals made in total since 1996 for both the SuperSonics and the Thunder, combined and separately, as well as the most field goals made in a single season. Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

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Most field goals made by zone, Seattle SuperSonics & Oklahoma City Thunder 1996-2021

Imagine a team with prime Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Rashard Lewis, and Ray Allen. Just incredible.

Most field goals made by zone, Seattle SuperSonics 1996-2008

We saw Rashard Lewis and Ray Allen in the previous chart, but it’s Gary Payton who was the true leader of the SuperSonics in the 90s and early 00s. A true NBA legend.

Most field goals made by zone, Oklahoma City Thunder 2008-2021

We saw Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook in the first chart. They are joined here by corner specialist Thabo Sefolosha. He handled the corner-3 during his five seasons in Oklahoma City and was part of the team that reached the Finals in 2012.

Most field goals scored in a single season by zone, Seattle SuperSonics and Oklahoma City Thunder 1996-2021

We’ve seen Kevin Durant’s greatness, Ray Allen’s 3-pt mastery, and Gary Payton‘s lethal mid-range attack. Shout out here to Vin Baker! I loved watching him when I was growing up. Other performances here include Paul George‘s 2019 season, Serge Ibaka in 2016, and Kevin Martin and Jerami Grant leading the corners.

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