NBA Shot Chart: Detroit Pistons Leading Shooters, 1996-2021

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3 NBA Championships and millions of die hard fans. Despite long years of struggles, Detroit has been lucky enough to witness some great players play for their team. From the “Bad Boys” era in the late 80s, the Grant Hill era in the 90s, and the “Goin to Work” era in the 00s, the Pistons have given NBA fans some quality performances (and a really good-looking jersey).

Four shot charts with the most field goals made, most efficient scorers, and the 2004 Championship team are visualized below to tell us some Detroit Pistons history.

Most field goals made by zone, 1996-2021

Pistons legends Richard Hamilton, Chauncey Billups, and Tayshaun Prince stand out as leading scorers in their favorite zones. Rip Hamilton was a mid-range master and was greatly inspired by Michael Jordan. Chauncey Billups was so deadly from the wings and Tayshaun Prince was lethal from the corner 3 spots, as well as the top of the key. Rasheed Wallace from the straight up 3 is an image Pistons fans will always remember. Shout out to Andre Drummond for leading the paint.

Most field goals made in a single season by zone, 1996-2021

Grant Hill – the leader of a whole Detroit Pistons era! His elbow shots and mid-range ability was great. I like how Billups, Wallace, and Hamilton are on this chart thanks to their 2005-06 seasons. In that season, the Pistons had four players named to the All-Star team, coach Flip Saunders was the Eastern Conference All-Star team coach, and they set a franchise record in wins.

It’s interesting how efficient Langston Galloway was from the corner in 2020 – 63%! Saddiq Bey is definitely someone to watch as the rookie leads the right wing 3 after his rookie season, making 51 buckets from there.

Most efficient field goal shooters zone, 1996-2021

Ah, Joe Dumars! I really loved watching the guy growing up and it’s great seeing him as the most efficient shooter from the straight up 3 spot. Some other cool folks made the chart here, like Billups and Galloway from the corner.

Most field goals made by zone in 2003-04 Pistons Championship team

The 2004 Pistons overcame the odds and brought Detroit the first title since 1990 and the “Bad Boy” era. Looking at the shot chart, we could say that Chauncey Billups took it personally and led the way, but it wouldn’t be true. Rip Hamilton was the lead scorer that season (and for eight consecutive seasons in fact). Youngster Tayshaun Prince gave us one of the best blocks in NBA Playoff history and was incredible from long range. I’m pretty sure Rasheed Wallace would be on the chart too if he hadn’t joined the team later in the season.

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