EURO 2020 Goalkeepers: What Do the Stats Tell us?

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Basic and Advanced Stat Categories for Our Comparison

We use our beloved for stats. If you haven’t already, check out our soccer analytics tutorial for beginners to start working with their data.

If you want help retrieving data for goalkeepers, feel free to contact us and I will provide you with a free guide.

PSxGPost-Shot Expected Goals
PSxG is expected goals based on how likely the goalkeeper is to save the shot
xG totals include penalty kicks, but do not include penalty shootouts (unless otherwise noted).
Provided by StatsBomb.
Pass.CompPasses Completed
Passes longer than 40 yards
Pass.Att.40yrdPasses Attempted
Passes longer than 40 yards
Pass.AttPasses Attempted
Not including goal kicks
Throw.AttThrows Attempted
Pass.AvgLenAverage length of passes, in yards
Not including goal kicks
GoalKick.AvgLenAverage length of goal kicks, in yards
Stop.CrossNumber of crosses into penalty area which were successfully stopped by the goalkeeper
OPA# of defensive actions outside of penalty area
Save.PercSave Percentage
(Shots on Target Against – Goals Against)/Shots on Target Against
Note that not all shots on target are stopped by the keeper, many will be stopped by defenders
Goalkeeper Stats Categories

Using the stats above, we created the table below. To read this, count the number of colored blocks above each position. For example, Croatia’s Dominik Livaković is 1st in two of the above categories, 2nd in two categories, 3rd in one category, and 5th in two categories, etc.

Top players in UEFA Euro 2020 Round of 16
Top players in UEFA Euro 2020 Group Stage

The Best Goalkeeper Stats

What kind of stats would a coach want to see for his goalkeeper? Of course, 0 saves off of 0 shots on target. The better the defense the happier the manager!

But, in a realistic scenario such as this year’s EUROs, keepers must be able to block shots and also play with their feet.

I will not be going into too much detail as I think the graphs speak for themselves.

Below are the top 9 goalkeepers in our stats comparison for the Round of 16.

Belo are the top 3 goalkeepers in our stats comparison from the group stage.

What stands out?

Who was your favorite goalie in the Round of 16?

What was your favorite goalkeeper moment of the tournament so far?

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