Nole vs Tsitsi, aka Experience vs Talent

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Djokovic faces Tsitsipas in the 2021 Roland Garros finals, so we had a look at their progress over the years. Djokovic has been consistently amazing on clay. Is Stefanos the new uprising clay star? Check out our graphs!

Tsitsipas’ winning mindset is kicking in

Stefanos Tsitsipas is showing an increasingly more mature approach to his games. Tennis fans across the world will be watching to see if he can handle the pressure of facing a much more experienced clay player. “Tsitsifast” was slow to get a winning record on clay surface but his performance significantly improved in 2016-17 thanks to his technique. This year he looks better than ever, with a great improvement on his mental game. Can he get the title?

Djokovic to prove he is #1

Nole has always played good on clay. His talent showed early in his career and with the added experience it just looks impossible to beat him. He is a heavy favorite to win the final against Tsitsipas.

What stands out to you? What are your predictions?

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