EuroLeague 2020-21: Final Four Shooting

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Originally published May 31, 2021:

@vasamicic13 was the @euroleague Final Four MVP with 50 (!!) points scored and he did it with good efficiency, leading @anadoluefessk to the title over an @fcbbasket team who saw @nikolamirotic33 underperform. #kudos to Micic for mentioning the great #dimitrisdiamantidis of @paobcgr as his idol ☘️

@olimpiamilano1936 had #vladimirmicov and @shields3uno with strong performances and @cskabasket had @iffelundberg and @thrill_21 trying to cover for @tshengel1a low FG%.

How did the other players do in terms of Effective Field Goal percentage and points scored?

BONUS an inequality analysis of the teams in the Final Four. Using the Gini coefficient from the field of economics, we can see how evenly distributed each team’s points are among their players.

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Quote from Micic’ interview below:

Who was your idol?

I have mentioned it many times. It was Dimitris Diamantidis. He is great. It is something that I have always been asked: Why not Teodosic, Papaloukas, Saras Jasikevicious? I watched them all but I always liked his humble personality. And he was the guy on the court. Off the court, you don’t hear so much about him but on the court, he was the one who stepped and responded first. He always tried to contribute to each part of the game. This is something I am trying to do as well. This couple of seasons, I am averaging a high number of points but my idea was always to put emphasis on everything whether assists, rebounds, or defensive stuff. This is something I always want to do.

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